What is Permanent makeup/Micro-Pigmentation?

Permanent cosmetics, Semi Permanent make up, micropigmentation, dermal implantation, microblading/ microstroking, eyebrow embroidery, and long-time/long-lasting makeup, are all different names for the same procedure – cosmetic tattooing.

Any time colour is placed into the skin with any device, it is a tattoo process as defined by many well-informed regulators, the medical community, and dictionary sources.

All of the inks used in this procedure are designed for this treatment only and are not used for general tattooing. The inks are hypoallergenic and the approved within governing bodies. A patch test will be provided. The effects will last for between one and three years but you may require a re-touch up annually or possibly sooner depending on skin type/ activity and hormonal changes. The colour fades but the particles are still present in the skin.

A full consultation is carried out before booking your appointment so that such issues can be discussed individually. You will more than likely need what is referred to as a retouch appointment following your initial treatment; this is usually within 6-8 weeks after your first visit.

Permanent Makeup
Lisa Twigger - Advanced Therapies - Permanent Makeup

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