These corrective peels can be performed in a treatment series of either: Course of Power Pumpkin Peels or TCA, followed up with monthly maintenance re-surfacers of Power Pumpkin Peel.

[7%] Salicylic Acid [2%] Peel – no more than 3 per year A professional chemical peel treatment to improve overall skin tone and texture; also excellent for photodamaged skin and comedonal Acne. Dissolves the top layer of the stratum corneum creating a smoother, softer appearance to the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, evens colouring and lightens pigmentation. Plant-derived extracts calm and protect the skin, with the benefits of a TCA [30%] peel without the side effects. Down time (recovery) needed 5-7 days.


TCA Peel £150 per treatment

Treatment requires preparation of the skin prior to, during and after treatment. Prior consultation is necessary. Preparation products may be recommended at an additional cost.

We recommend a free consultation